Most finance functions focus only on cost reduction. World-class finance functions also focus on capabilities that create competitive advantages, fuel sustainable, profitable growth and enhance enterprise value.

Today’s environment requires new, agile and differentiated approaches to finance operations and the ability to work as a proactive, collaborative business partner. Yet most finance functions remain largely focused on cost optimization rather than enabling enterprise growth goals and increasing value.

Recent economic and financial volatility have challenged corporate finance organizations to provide their companies with more and better services while at the same time reducing the costs of the finance function. In such circumstances, expert advice from an experienced finance consulting firm can be of great value to finance executives.

What makes the difference ?

Our strategic finance consulting services cover the entire spectrum of finance processes. We can address any of the strategic and operational dimensions that impact performance, such as organizational design – including finance outsourcing decisions – process improvement, technology enablement, information requirements, and skills and talents. We can provide the right combination of capabilities, resources, and approach to help you identify and adopt world-class capabilities and deliver maximum value from your finance function.

Finance Executive Advisory

- Finance metrics and measurement tools
- Advisors with finance business process change experience
- Customized executive briefings tailored to your organization
- Interaction and learning opportunities
- Analysis and insight into world-class finance practice

Finance Benchmarking

- Assess performance relative to business value and strategy
- Understand current capabilities
- Identify and prioritize
improvement opportunities - Highlight and address areas of risk
- Plan, manage and accelerate your journey to world-class performance

Finance Transformation

- Finance vision and strategy
- Best practice process redesign
- Globalization and shared services
- Finance talent management
- Finance technology strategy

What can our financial consulting branch help you with?

We provide companies with a range of finance consulting services that help drive greater efficiency and effectiveness throughout the finance function.

Our approach facilitates the in-depth understanding and the influence of the business strategy execution in order to identify new opportunities to improve both short-term performance and long-term competitiveness.

When companies are posed with high risks and are likely to go into liquidation, they may negotiate with creditors.

Outstanding debts can be a hassle, but the restructuring of debt allows companies to alter the terms of their debt agreements to attain an advantage that allows them to remove unresolved debts.

When you are in charge of expanding or running a business internationally, it is important to focus on this and be able to rely on accurate, complete and timely financial information, per jurisdiction or in a consolidated manner. Our firm will utilize your financial systems to produce the reporting needed to view profitability, monitor cash flow, track budget to actual performance, and provide specialized information.

Our business planning services are aligned to the dynamic business landscape. Our in house research and learning helps us to constantly update ourselves with the ever changing business trends. We offer a competitive edge to our clients with our specialized services.

Our expert consultants can help companies develop Business Teasers for potential investors. We can also provide assistance and act as a financial advisor in Merger & Acquisition deals, assessing the value, structure and terms of the proposed deal.

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