Most companies see the accounting profession as only a compliance hassle, which may be the case, but not at Sph3ra.

If done right, the accounting services should bring value to the company. We, here at Sph3ra, listen to the client’s needs and wishes and then try to make the most with both our resources. We, Sph3ra and its clients, are a team focused on achieving both our goals.

We give support and practical advices from our most experienced accounting experts using their knowledge and expertise. We are dedicated to provide the best solutions for our clients. We consider that our mission is focused on providing responsible solutions for accounting, reporting, payroll and HR matters.

What makes the difference ?

In today’s highly competitive environment, we are focused on providing high quality services to create added value for our clients. Our service packages cover the needs of every company, provided through the knowledge and expertise of our experts.

What can our accounting services help you with?

Starting from the understanding of the client’s business, we take the proper procedures to create an efficient accounting system, tailored on the specifics of every client in order to meet our client’s goals and also create added value.

The main accounting services are:

  • Preparation of accounting records;
  • Preparation of financial statements;
  • Accounting compliance;
  • Preparation of accounting reports: sales and purchase jurnals, fixed assets registry, general ledger, suppliers and customers status;
  • Preparation of third party confirmations;
  • Preparation of stock records;
  • Other services:
    • Assistance during tax audits for accounting matters;
    • Preparation of the manual of accounting policies and procedures.

Our approach is to identify the company’s exposure to risks and find the best way to mitigate them, to provide reliable and accurate financial information for any interested party. Our services’ purpose is to deliver the necessary information to support impactful business decisions.

The main reporting services are:

  • Preparation of management reports;
  • Preparation of specific reports considering the client’s needs:
    • Profitability reports;
    • Cost-benefit reports;
    • Product profitability reports;
    • Profitability reports by processes;
    • Budgeting;
    • Budget vs. performance analysis.
  • Consulting services for :
    • Improving performance;
    • Cash flow analysis;
    • Budgets and forecasts.

Our payroll department computes all taxes and personnel dues, according to the latest changes in legislation.

The main payroll services are:

  • Salary calculation, preparation and submission of the payroll statements;
  • Completion and transmission of REVISAL;
  • Calculation of medical leave;
  • Calculation of allowances;
  • Collection and review the information necessary to prepare the payroll;
  • Preparation of monthly payslips to employees.
  • Assistance during authority controls.

Our HR services will help you to quickly solve many time-consuming tasks as these procedures need close attention and swiftness.

The main HR services are:

  • Preparation of salary letters for employees (documents required for loans or other purposes);
  • Preparation of medical letters (document needed for hospitalization);
  • Preparation of employment documents (contracts, additional documents, decisions and other documents);
  • Preparation and archiving of the employees’ file records.
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